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Hello my friends

I have an small issue with my component. Every time i post a question or one answer the styles are missing, example if i post a link, the link disapear, if i post 3 paragraphs they disapear once i send the answer or question... all the post are in the middle of one DIV code... how can i solve this?

Thank you very much!

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Thank you Maverick... do you have anything about my first comment? All my new questions still have the issue... what should i do?

2 years ago


Yes, you can do the same for controller though it is not needed. The one in controller for displaying the answer after ajax request. So it does not have any effect after refreshing the page.

2 years ago


Hi Maverick

Thank you very much for your help... i already modify the lines you told me and it works just in the answers. Now the problem is present just in the Question, this is a link:

Test 1

I hope you can help me... Thanks a lot for your time.

2 years ago


This issue was seen in few j1.7 powered websites which has editor type as "Default". It is fixed in latest version v1.8.3.

2 years ago


It is really tough task to redo things to such old version. But here is small explanation to the fixes done.

In models/answers.php find all the lines with below text


And change that text to

And also find and remove all lines that call "filterData" function, ex.


2 years ago


Ohh i almost forget... One last question... The second code :


I just found 2 lines in the file models/answers.php, but in another file inside the folder "controllers" i found another one too, i have to do the same operation?

Plus, i just delete the line and not the lines bellow... that´s fine?

Thank you very much again!


2 years ago


Hi Maverick

I understand, the problem is that i have the version 1.7.3... and Joomla 2.5.3... there is any way to solve the bug without upgrade my component?

Thank you very much!


2 years ago


Ohhh i´m sorry... everyhing is ok now!

All is working fine, the questions and answers are working just fine with all my styles fixed...! Thank you for your nice help and we can close the ticket.

Have a nice day Maverick :)

2 years ago
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