Is there any reason why you cant change who asked a question in the backend, it just does not make sense.

You seem to have neglected some basic functionalities in your app. Are you going to be making more upgrades soon.

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i am using 1.8.6, is this a recent change you made because i just updated to 1.8.6

2 years ago


How do these changes sound:
1. Make all fields editable by the administrator in the backend.
2. The main menu item seems to only display questions from the root category and i think that should be changed. For example on your site, "All Categories" page only shows questions from "All Categories" excluding all child categories. In my copy of community answers, the root category shows all questions grouped in categories.

I'll think of more

2 years ago


Why don't you let the end customer decide that, besides the point of being an administrator is that you can modify every aspect that cannot be done as a user. If you had a backend demo, this would have discouraged me from buying your app. There are a lot more features which are missing and a lot of things which just don't make sense

2 years ago


Not sure how that happened. It is designed to show all sub-categories of the category selected on home page. You would see something like this:

All Categories - Selected Category Name
Sub Cat (10/21)             Sub Cat 2 (2/6)            Sub Cat 3 (3/5)

What is the CA version you are using? If the above functionality is missing, there is something went wrong, can you send me your website details through contact us form?

2 years ago


I don't see any reason why it can be changed. I think questions are different from articles and the username should be fixed.

2 years ago


Can you let me know the all basic features you think are missing? I will include them in next release.

2 years ago


sorry about that, i was not clear with the second. I meant that if you selected a subcategory (as you kindly explained). For example, my site has a menu link for multiple categories. This way i can create multiple forums. In this case, it would be nice to have the home page show all subcategories of the respective category.

2 years ago


1. Will do that, the fields that could be added are user, (username and email in case of guest question), created and last modified date (not sure this can be edited). The other fields are currently editable.

2. This is not true. Home page shows all category questions unless you select category in menu item configuration (as of version v1.8.6). If you select category in menu configuration, it will filter questions from that category only. Since there are not many questions in other categories of this site, you are seeing questions only from CA category.

2 years ago
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