v2.0.0 (28-Apr-2012)

[FEATURE] Redesign of crossword page to support dark themes
[FEATURE] UTF-8 languages support for Crossword questions/keywords
[FEATURE] CoreJoomla jQuery plugin v2.0.2 support
[BUG] Fixes issue with numbering of cross join cell
[BUG] Fixes the issue with selecting and solving cross join cells
[BUG] Performance improvements
[FEATURE] Keyboard events, now move cursor with keyboard arrow keys withing crossword grid
[FEATURE] Faster processing: The entire crossword logic is redesigned and is not only faster than previous one, but also takes takes very less database calls.
[FEATURE] New question helper area: Now a tooltip area shows selected question on top of the crossword grid, no need to look down for what the question you are answering
[FEATURE] Crossword description: Now you can add description for the crossword with either WYSIWYG editor or BBCode editor
[FEATURE] Improved bookmarking tools: No more sharethis API key is required. configurable buttons.
[FEATURE] Improved UI layout: Fully redesigned layout makes you feel more comfirtable
[FEATURE] Local theme selection: If you are using other corejoomla extensions, this will help you choose component specific theme
v1.7.1 (12-12-2011)
[FR100001] Description for Crosswords
[BR100004] Categories Listing not working
[FR100007] Crossword Creation Personalization/Ownership
[FR100029] Modules for Crosswords
[FR100035] Email notification on new question submission
[FR100088] Allow user to see crossword solution
[FR100273] Descriptions area for each puzzle
[FR100288] Choose questions
[FEATURE] UI enhancements to support dark themes
[FEATURE] Backend version check
[FEATURE] NEW "All" tab in home page to display list order by name
[FEATURE] SEO enhancement: SE friendly text in browser title
[FEATURE] Breadcrumbs: Multilevel category names in breadcrumbs
[FEATURE] EMail Notification: New notifications when accepting keyword
[BUG] Comment system option hidden in configuration

v1.7.0 (10-09-2011)

+ Joomla 1.7 compatibilty
+ New and improved UI look
+ jQuery plugin 1.5.0/1.6.1 support
+ Bookmarking tools support through ShareThis
+ Multi-level category system
+ Highlight question when answer is being entered
+ Customize option for Avatar size
+ Kunena avatar API support
+ Customize toolbar buttons and order
+ Option to have clean home page
+ New and improved activity stream and points system support
+ Email notifications on new crossword, keyword or solved crossword
+ More configurable permissions for admin

v1.6.0 (04-04-2011)

+ Added Joomla 1.6 compatibility

v1.0.4 (13-11-2010)

+ Fix: JomSocial Activity Stream is not in effect when SEF URLs is disabled.

v1.0.3 (12-11-2010)

+ Feature: Delete crosswords feature for admins
+ Feature: Delete keywords feature for admins
+ Feature: Pagination on listing page