Installing sh404sef plugin

  1. Extract the package to a temporary directory on your computer.
  2. Copy the extracted files into /components/com_sh404sef/sef_ext directory.
  3. Go to sh404sef configuration under Administratory control panel.
  4. Configure community polls extension to use the bundled plugin under extension management. This is required in case you have unset this before otherwise the default value is to use the bundled plugin.
  5. Delete all old urls if any or clean entire url cache for Community Polls component. If you installing/using the community polls for the first time, skip this step.

Installing JoomSEF Plugin

Please visit components->JoomSEF component from your administration control panel and install it from Extensions tab of JoomSEF.

Installing AceSEF plugin

AceSEF is not bundled with the AceSEF component. It can also be installed from the Extensions page of AceSEF component manually under your Joomla Administration control panel.

Note: Auto Update feature of AceSEF plugin is now enabled by the AceSEF team. Please contact the AceSEF team for latest version of AceSEF.

Configuring JomSocial Plugin

The JomSocial plugin is bundled with the main component. So you need not install anything seperately. However, to use the user points functionality, please follow the below steps.

  1. Go to JomSocial->User Points on your Administration Control Panel components
  2. Click on Rule Scan button on toolbar.

This will install the rules for awarding points when the user submit polls and cast votes. Please configure the points as you wish.

Installing Alpha User Points Plugin

  1. Download the plugin from CoreJoomla
  2. Login to administration control panel
  3. Go to Alpha User Points component from the main menu
  4. Click on plugins button
  5. Click Browse and select the plugin zip file you have downloaded and click open to choose the file
  6. Click Upload file and Install button.

This will install two plugins, one for awarding points when user submit poll and other for awarding points when user cast his vote.

Please go to Community Polls extension configuration options and configure the Points sytem as Alpha User Points and the points as desired.