Core Component Installation

Please install CjLib component before installing Community Surveys.

For installation instructions please check

Configuring Component

Go to

Components->Community Surveys->Configuration (Joomla 1.5) 

Components->Community Surveys->Options button on toolbar (Joomla 2.5+)

Here you can configure the various options for Community Surveys.

General Settings

Username: Choose whether you want to use user original name or username to be displayed on component pages.

User Avatar: Choose which third party component avatar shall be used to integrated

Hide Template: If you want your users to respond to surveys without any styles and module blocks of your Joomla template, select yes to this option. Your users will be displayed only the component aread in entire browser page while taking the survey.

List Length: Limits number of public surveys to be displayed on home page

Email Settings

Community Surveys allow you to invite your users by their email (Registered users or any other email). You can configure the email options here:

Sender Name: This is the name of the sender from which is used for emails being sent. Usually no reply or generic names, may not be your personal email.

Sender Email: Email address that is used to send the email invitations and notifications.

Third Party - Points System Settings

Community Surveys allow your users to create surveys so it is good to limit them from misusing or making the feature more useful. For this it allows  restricting number of responses a survey can recieve using points system. Alpha user points, JomSocial Points are supported (They are not corejoomla products and need to be obtain from their developers). You need to install respective plugins to use.

Points System: Points System to be used

Points Per Credit: Number of points required for each credit. Each credit is equivalent to a survey response. Survey creator should have enough points to convert them into credits and can use each credit to invite a respondant. 1 credit is equivalent to 1 response, so if you put 10 point in this, each response require 10 points in survey creator account.