We are pleased to announce the next feature release for CjBlog v1.2. This release adds new features and few additional addon modules/plugins. Please see the change log for more details.

You can download the latest version now in downloads section or can update directly from the Joomla updater. Please do let us know your feedback. If you use our extension, please post your rating and review at the Joomla Extension Directory.

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Community Polls has got full makeover with a new release, introducing CP v4 beta 1. We have rewritten top to bottom to fully utilize Joomla 3 API features and the power of ACL.

This release is a full rewrite and is not backward compatible with earlier releases. An automatic migration will be initiated if you are installing on existing version of Community Polls. There are lot of new features added, removed redundant features and also updated the existing features. To summarize, 

New Features Overview

  1. Joomla categories system migration
  2. Joomla tags support
  3. Full ACL support at component/category/poll levels
  4. Revamped front-end and back-end to streamline the UI with Joomla UI
  5. Complete customization options at component/category/poll levels
  6. New WYSIWYG BBCode editor in place of existing bbcode editor
  7. Modify Answers support
  8. End of Voting Message support
  9. Be simple approach with UI, voting etc. No more blocking popups.
  10. New router and urls structure (explained below)

Removed Features Overview

  1. Multipoll Layout:  This is redundant as you can insert multiple polls on a page using Anywhere code or Random Poll module
  2. Mighty Touch support: As it is no longer developed

New URL structure with new Router:

CP v4 not just got makeover for its features but also for its core structure. In this process, we have rewritten the router file which may break your existing urls. Now the urls are smarter, beatiful and SEO friendly.

Old Url: http://yourwebsite/polls/viewpoll/1-simplepoll.html
New url: http://yourwebsite/polls/32-category/1-simplepoll.html 
you can even create menu item for a single poll which will turns the url
for example: http://yourwebsite/polls/simplepoll.html

Community Polls will automatically detect all old urls and automatically redirects to the new urls. A permanantly moved header is set so that search engines can update the new urls. There is no additional steps you need to make.

Joomla 3 only

This is a Joomla 3 only version. In an attempt to prepare for the next LTS version of Joomla, this release is developed only on Joolma 3 APIs. Since Joomla 2.5 support will end later this year, we will continue to maintain the existing CP v3 version along with this version, however the Joomla 3 specific features, like tags, will not be ported to the previous version.

Testing purpose only

This release is still in beta. Though it is fully tested for any security issues and bugs, it may stiill contain few bugs. So please use this release for testing purposes only. In case you are already using CP old versions, this is a good start for your to check how your migration will work. If you are building new websites, it is recommended to start with this release if you are okay with any small bugs.

Update (2014-03-20): Beta 2 is available now. 

Finally, we need your feedback, suggestions and bug reports so that we can go for final release as soon as possible. 

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We are glad to announce another feature release for Community Quizzes - v3.2.0. Here are the list of new features added in this release along with bug fixes.

  • Reports - Now you can view the complete set of reports from either front-end or back-end. Reports includes - Responses listing, Deveices listing, OS listing, Countries listing, Top scorers list
  • Marks: Now you can assign marks to each answer of the question separately. The maks can be whole numbers or floating point numbers with a max limit of 999. Marks assigned to correct answer will be counted in user score.
  • User report: User score report is improved with the support for per answer marking, success ratio report etc.
  • UI enhancement: Front-end form is improved with unified display and light background.

So goahead and download your update now.

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We are pleased to announce Community Surveys v3.6.0 with immediate avaiability. By popular demand, this release adds a new feature to let you restrict minimum and maximum number of answers the responder can select. This is useful in situations where you need to ask user to select few choices out of all available. This option will automatically makes the question mandatory and you need not select mandatory option on question form.

Head on to downloads section to download the latest update.

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We are pleased to announce another exiting new release for Community Polls - v3.5.0. This release brings in host of new features along with fixing many inconsistencies. Here is the brief list of changes.

  • Now you can sort by number of votes, just set the answers order on poll form
  • New Apply button is added on backend form, now save and keep editing the poll.
  • Now Poll alias can be entered on front-end while creating/editing poll. the option is available only to admins.
  • New menu items added. Now create the separate menu item for most voted polls, latest polls etc. and all obey your seo links.

And many annoying bugs fixed in this release. Download and install the latest version now.

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