We are pleased to announce the Community Surveys v3.6.7 release with a host of new features and enhancements. Now you can draft save the response before submitting or moving to another page, attach pdf report in email when users respond to surveys, limit number of answers selectable for grid type questions. See the change log to know full list of features and bug fixes done in this release.

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We are pleased to announce Community Polls v4.0.0 RC 1 release. This is the first release candidate of the next generation polls system. Though this is not yet the stable final release, this can be safely used on production level servers if you can bear with minor bugs. 

To know more about the CP v4 release please checkout this post.

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We are pleased to announce the Community Crosswords release v3.1.0. We have added support for EasySocial points system, activity stream, user avatars and user profile linking integrations in this release. Also few bugs related to activity stream and points system are fixed with this release. Please download and install the new version from downloads section.

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We are pleased to announce the Community Quiz v3.5.0 release. This release includes few new features along with many bugs fixed. This release adds a most requested feature - Import and Export Quiz.

Now you can export any quiz to an xml file and later import it to your site or any other site using Community Quiz. The app will automatically detects if the quiz already exists and updates the values inside the importing xml file instead of creating new quiz. You can manually add new questions to the xml file using your favorite xml editor and import to the existing or new quiz. You can export the quiz from reports section on backend.

Get your copy now.

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We are pleased to announce Community Quiz release v3.4.0. Please read the following instructions before upgrading to the new version in case you are already using Community Quiz component.

Categories: The new version will now uses Joomla categories API for categorizing quizzes. So you can make use of all functions that are available with standard Joomla categories. The installer will automatically upgrades to the new category system if you have any existing categories and also updates all quizzes. 

Permissions: The permissions system is revamped and added few more permission settings for more customization. You need to reconfigure all permission settings in Community Quiz Options if you are upgrading from an earlier version.

Addon Modules & Plugins: All modules and plugins are updated to support new version, please download and upgrade them as well if you have any previous versions installed.

So download the latest version and don't forget to let us know your feedback.

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