vote hanging in module position

Category: Community Polls 4 years ago
[Please see link to workaround in following post]

I have installed Community Poll 1.7.2 on Joomla 1.7. I have installed and enabled jQuery v2.0.2. I have created a module using Community Polls/Random Poll module. When I try to vote on a poll in the module position, the vote hangs and displays the spinning wheel forever.

My firefox browser is set to enable cookies.

The trouble is, this problem happens even when I try to vote in the module position on this site - whether using Firefox 11.0 or Chrome. The vote hangs, and the spinning wheel turns forever. (But I am able to vote from the Polls page)

I have read - but I don't have a facebook like module, so that does not fix my problem.

Is this a bug? Is anyone able to vote on one of the polls on this site in the left column?
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