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Category: Announcements 10 years ago
Hi Maverick,

I know you are a very busy man, but i think this is a good product to add the the Core Joomla lineup as there are no good competiton components out there :)

Would be simular to Community Polls.

In the Backend:
1. Admin to add competition with question(s)
2. For each question Admin to add 1 correct answer and 1 or more incorrect answers.
3. Simular options to Community Polls, ie upload pics, have description etc
4. Set end time
5. Set amount of times users can enter competition, ie once, once a day, unlimited etc
6. Set amount of winners the competition will have.
7. Once competiton is finished, component randomly chooses winner or winners from those users that have all the answers correct.
7. Emails to be sent to users once they enter a competition thanking them for entering.
8. Once competiton is finished also users are emailed to letting them know if the won or lost.
9. Admin has log of who entered the competition and when, what answers they choose, also if they were selected as winners or not once the competiton is over.

In Frontend:
1. List of competitons, with time left to enter, amount of times it has been entered, amount of comments etc. Also show if competeion closed.
2. User will choose answer(s).
3. Once competiton is finished results are displayed like Community Polls.
4. Users CANNOT create a competiton from frontend for obvious reasons.

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