Problem making private forum

Category: Sales Support 3 months ago

I created a new usergroup "Experts".

And created a couple of forums for them to use exclusively.

The problem is, when I list the forums, they are invisible to 'Expert" users ( not showing ).

They are invisible to other usergroups by design ( Public, Registered, "Free" and "Paid").

They are visible to the superuser.

But my permissions look like they should be visible to 'Expert" users too ( see examples below...)

Category access is "Special"...




Fixed the visibility issue by adding "Experts" to the "special" access group.

BUT, still cannot get an 'expert' to Post a new item, gets error message 



Create record not permitted."


Despite permsiions being granted to them...

17466_1_Expert-forums_Experts-permissions.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
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