Good evening,

I've had CjForum for about a week and I'm still testing it.  I was able to debug a few issues but now I'm having 2 issues, the most serious is noted in the subject of this post. 

Some of my topics, but not all, are stripped of the template and styling for the site and the component.  There is a long list of menu links along with the topic.  At the bottom the following error appears:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&&' (T_BOOLEAN_AND), expecting ')' in /*****/content/**/*********/html/components/com_cjforum/layouts/default/topic/related_topics.php on line 37

When I check line 37

37)      $itemId     = !empty($app->getMenu() && !empty($app->getMenu()->getActive())) ? $app->getMenu()->getActive()->id : $app->getMenu()->getDefault()->id;

What should I do? 

My next issue is in one of the language definitions.  I have the the points system setup to award 5 points for signing up.  In the reputation section of the profile summary, thise message is displayed next to the points awarded:


I incorrectly assumed that there was nothing defined in the language file, but the language file says this on line 324:

324)      COM_CJFORUM_POINTS_FOR_SIGNUP="Thank you for registering on the website."

What am I overlooking? 


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