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This extension take care of many functionalities for playing and setting quiz.

Few more things I would like to add under quiz

- I wish to add image to the quiz

- Some referal link for the respective quiz

- description

- some message to display on result page.

All of these cannot be handled using a single editor used to add description.

So have you extended few more fields for quiz. As some of them are basic ones




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  • Re: Adding image for quiz

    by » 4 months ago

    All these features are already available in community quiz. 

    - you can add images in description using editor or create image type questions to show images in answers

    - to add any links, you can simply use editor to add them in quiz description or question descriptions

    - you can use conditional messages to display messages based on user scrore. or you can display static message as well.

    let me know if I miss anything.

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