I am planning to put the preview release of Community Surveys component this weekend. There is still lots of work pending on this in reporting and statistics section but I feel it would be the right time to take inputs from you guys so that the final release will passed smoothly.

There will be three parts of the component. 1)Survey creation 2) Survey Responses 3) Reports and statistics.

The component features the most attractive and most user friendly interface. The features of the upcoming component are:
- Web 2.0 compliant
- Completely ajaxiable. You can create the entire survey on a single page without refreshing it.
- 4 question groups - page header, choice, grid and free text
- 9 question types - page header, choice single selection (radio), choice multiselection(checbox), choice select box, grid single selection, grid multi selection, free text single line, free text multi line, free text password.
- Anyone can create surveys including your users. So you can start your own business on surveys
- Integrated with Points system (AUP, Touch and JomSocial) so you can restrict the number of responses each survey can recieve based on points available to survey creator. You can also use AUP's buy points with PayPal option to charge your users.
- Integrates with Mighty Touch and JomSocial activity stream for public surveys and responses.
- Integrates Avatars
and many more to come..

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