Article Suggestions and K2

Category: Pre-Sales Support 8 years ago
Does your article suggestions module support K2 content?

Also, could you have tabs for Latest Articles, Most Read Articles, and (maybe) Highest Rated Articles - or does your module always have to show articles related to an article already displayed?

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  • Re: Article Suggestions and K2

    by » 8 years ago

    The article suggestions module works directly on jos_content table, not sure which table K2 works on, never checked it. Please check.

    It has the ability to display one or more of the following lists:
    - Latest articles
    - Most read articles
    - Related articles
    - Articles in current category
    - Articles by the author of current article (which is being read)

    All lists can be displayed at a time using tabs (jQuery or Joomla)

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