Dear Maverick,

Sorry for the inconvenience but we face some issues that we cannot explain ourselves how these arose. It seems that community polls crashed from the one minute to the other. We distinguish these issues into two categories:

1. If you go to create a new poll you receive an error 500 but the poll is submitted correctly. Please create a poll using the test user:

login at:

username: giorgos

password: giorgos

and then create a poll at the following link:


2. If we go to vote into an extisting poll, the system stucks on the gear that shows the progression of the procedure in order to count the vote and the page stays idle. Although that the vote is counted normally the page stays idle i.e. it does not redirect to the poll results. This does not work for both the component and the module. Please vote on the following poll:

and please try to vote on the module on the right side bar as well in the link below:

For both we face the same issue. Thank you in advance.


Phivos Constantinou



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