Hello, first thank you guys for your amazing work , so i'm web developer(i'm newbie in joomla ) and my boss just a give me an joomla website need some stuff to add .my problem is i need to add an export button to that do this "the export must contain all the fields of the registration form (all the information available) of all the users (it is necessary to take all the information contained in the menu "export Users from Community bulider") , To which it is necessary to join (Left join in sql) with the exported data of the question of the day (what answered the user to the question)." .and button must be in this page exactly :"index.php?option=com_communitypolls&view=poll&id=?"so what your advice you guys ,and where to start because i can't find this page , like a said i'm newbie , i waste a lot of time searching for a solutions and i can't find until now . Help Me please Thank you

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