How to auto approve user blog posts in CJBlog?

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  • Re: Cjblog how to auto publish blog post.

    by » 4 years ago

    Hi John,

    for blogging CjBlog uses the default Joomla functionality. So the Joomla Article ACL's are implemented.

    For blogging you need author ACL (member of that group), with that ACL you can do the following:

    Author - This group allows a user to post content, usually via a link in the User Menu. They can submit new content, select options to show the item on the front page and select dates for publishing but they cannot directly publish any content. When content is submitted by an Author level user, they receive the message, “Thanks for your submission. Your submission will now be reviewed before being posted to the site.” They can edit only their own articles but only when that article has been published and is visible.

    If you want your blogger to be able to also publish a blog, then he should have Publisher ACL, but that would also mean he could edit (and change) other people's blogs.


    What you could do is change the permissions for the author group to also 'edit state' (allowed). That way the author is able to edit the state of the articles he has access to (his own).

    Back-end -> Content -> Articles -> [Options] -> tab [Permissions] -> --author -> Edit state 'Allowed' (default = inherited)

    Should be tested :)


    Sharing = Caring ㋛

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