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Category: CjBlog one year ago

I just installed CjLib and CjBlog yesterday on our site to format the blog page and have been searching for a way to change the date options in the list to no avail. Each article in the category list shows "Posted on 6 months ago" or similar for the date, whereas the default Joomla category list showed the actual date.

The date format under List Layouts does not make any change. I also tried changing the language and template to eliminate Joomla issues but the issue persists.

I read in some release notes about changing date options on pages but I have been unable to find this or any reference to it in the wiki.

Viewing the source shows this but if the files are overwritten in an update I'll have to change it again, plus I havent searched where to make this change.

<span class="text-muted cj-article-info"> Posted on 8 months ago</span>

Does anyone know if this can be modified? Thank you in advance to anyone that has any ideas.

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