My EasySocial Stream just got populated with it's first entry from CjFit. Whilst very exciting there are 2 issues with it:

"Mr. Bloggs reached the daily active minutes goal.

Active for %1$s minutes of %2$s goal."

The first issue is "Mr Bloggs" should link to the EasySocial user profile - not the CjFit page.. That behaviour is consistent with all other EasySocial stream postings. It will confuse the end user on our social sites if inconsistency is introduced.

The second issue is the %1s and %2s text... presumably they are supposed to be populated with something?

Maybe connected with the second issue, where is this 'goal' set up? On my site I have only set up 1 CjFit challenge so far and that's based on getting to 10,000 steps. So I was a bit surprised to see this stream entry. Maybe I am misunderstanding something and it pulls in personal 'goals' from fitbit servers?





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