Understanding 'Daily Steps Goal'

Category: CjFit 3 years ago

Please excuse my fitbit ignorance (I've only recently got one)... but on the EasySocial Activity Stream, CjFit is generating messages like....

"{name} reached the daily steps goal...

Walked 8000 steps of 11741 goal."

The way it's written sounds illogical. It's saying they reached the goal, but with less steps than the goal?!?!?

Maybe 8000 is the goal? (that first number is always a round number) and perhaps 11741 the steps they took?

In which case shouldn't the message be something like (with , formatting if possible!)... Walked 3,741 steps over the 8,000 personal goal.

I also sneaked in the word personal to help distinguish this from public challenges. The goal is set by the user I assume for themselves?


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