Hello Corejoomla, 

I try to realize a sitemap on CJforum categories, and found that RSS is already implemented.

Because RSS is also an accepted Sitemap format, I want to suggest a feature for the cjforum main configuration, where I can set a limit of shown posts for each category. This defined value is overwritable via Url query limit=0 to set them to all. I would like to have such link with limit=0 just for the RSS feed(s).
Otherwise explained: If we have 3000 topics in one forum category I wanna convey them all to Google Webmaster tools via the inbuilt RSS feed.

If there would be set 0 in the config, I could built direct menu-links to the categories to overwrite this setting for the normal users (which should see 20 topics at once, for example) - while still having set the main config limit option to 0 to have a full list for a complete list of all topics at the belonging RSS-feed and for google webmaster tools only. 

This would just need, I may, that the limit option for categories also includes 0 - which it does not at the moment, there are options availble between 5 and 100 topics. If I convey this limit of 100 topics feed to Google, 2900 topics (to stay with the above example category) would be not directly included in the search engine or "sitemap".

Better ideas are welcome, of course. 

Best regards, Pierre.

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  • Re: Sitemap / Feed Limit

    by » 4 years ago

    When you include the feed url to your search engine, it will include latest topics. So whenever new topics are added, it can list them leaving old ones. However, search engine should not forget old ones and they will still be part of its index.

    Coming to displaying all topics, this is a considerable security loophole, especially on large websites. An attacker simply trigger this url to load all data and cause the overload on your database.

    Another flaw is any user can access such list by changing the url parameter, consider a website with 100k topics.

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