We'd like to see this ...

the first  hundred or so characters of each Forum topic displayed underneath the post title, as it is done in CjForum Module

(with an ellipsis if the post has more characters than desired excerpt length...)


I thought this should be configurable in the Topics | Show Intro text  or maybe "List Layouts" config section, but no joy there.


If this can't happen 'very soon" I will need to implement it myself... would you say it's best to implement some of this as a plug-in? (A layout override works for me now with settings hardcoded there, but I'm thinking of using a plugin for backend configuration...)

Please advise, thanks!


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  • Re: Category lists display 'description' ( teaser) CjForum Module

    by » 2 years ago

    I quickly implemented this.

    Added a field in the list layout parameters in administrator/components/com_cjforum/config.xml

    <field name="list_show_intro" type="radio" class="btn-group btn-group-yesno" default="0" label="JGLOBAL_SHOW_INTRO_LABEL" description="JGLOBAL_SHOW_INTRO_DESC">
      <option value="1">JSHOW</option>
      <option value="0">JHIDE</option>
    <field name="list_intro_limit" type="text" size="15" default="180" label="COM_CJFORUM_FIELD_INTRO_CHARS_LIMIT_LABEL" description="COM_CJFORUM_FIELD_INTRO_CHARS_LIMIT_DESC" />

    The add the description in the topics_list.php layout file (in the layouts)

    <?php if ($params->get('list_show_intro')):?>
      <div class="text-muted"><?php echo JHtml::_('string.truncate', strip_tags($item->introtext), (int) $params->get('list_intro_limit', 180));?></div>
    <?php endif;?>

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    Thank you said by: MICHAEL WALKER

  • Re: Category lists display 'description' ( teaser) CjForum Module

    by » 2 years ago

    Thanks! now working great, I put that in the fieldset  "list_default_parameters" 

    (and I added language strings for the two new constants in my language override file)


    COM_CJFORUM_FIELD_INTRO_CHARS_LIMIT_DESC="Select how many characters should be showing in the Topic teasers"

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