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When a user starts a new topic in cjforum, there is a "Tags" field. The tag values displayed on this field doesn't seem to be following the permission/access control for the user groups. It displays all the tags, including the ones not published. How to only display only the published tags and based on the access control for the user group?

Secondly, how not to display the Tags field when starting a new topic?


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  • Re: Tags Access Control

    by » 2 years ago

    Tags is a Joomla feature and CjForum just integrates it. The issue you mentioned is reproducible even with Joomla articles as well. So this issue shall be reported on Joomla issue tracker.

    To remove tags, edit components/com_cjforum/views/form/tmpl/edit.php and remove the code

    <div class="control-group form-group">
    	<div class="control-label">
    		<?php echo $this->form->getLabel('tags'); ?>
    	<div class="controls">
    		<?php echo $this->form->getInput('tags'); ?>

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