In the CJForum component - I had been using a menu item of type "User Profile".

I think earlier from this menu item itself - there was a possibility to update the profile details.

Am I correct?

If no, then I am wondering how the profile details got updated by me and serveral users on my website because I had not given any menu item for "Profile Form". Maybe under the "My Stuff" there was a menu for "Edit My Profile"??? I don't remember because I had done this setup long ago and something has changed since then.

Currently in the User Profile display - there is no option to edit the details - it only displays. I can view my profile using the "User Profile" type of menu.


Today I created a menu item for "Profile Form"

When I go into the menu for Profile Form - it shows empty data. It does not pick up the data already stored.

Note that in the CJForum configuration - under Integrations configuration - I have specified User Profile system as CJForum.


When I go into Profile Form - should it not be showing me the existing details for update?



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