? After much planning and testing, have sucessfully migrated our live server forum from latest Kunena to latest CJforum.

I ran into a little excitement when our template's bootstrap was breaking some things in the main site (background color & menu font size!) but that was easily solved with a couple tweaks to the bootstrap.min file - never noticed this before because nothing in the site previously enabled the bootstrap...

Anyway, very pleased with the flawless migration (Total posts 22798 • Total topics 3500 • Total members 14486 ) ?

And the forum performance so far...

But I want to lighten our site and DB backup size, so want to clean out the old (disabled) Kunena now. 

If I understand correctly, the migration imported all the data from Kunena table to CJforum tables, but left all the media (post attachments) in the original Kunena folders ( and continues to use them going forward.)

I'm just not clear if a Kunena un-install will leave the media files in place, or try to clean them up? Was wondering if you had any info on this ( before I start experimenting on our DEV server...)

Thanks in Advance!


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