I have migrated a forum from Kunena to CJforum.

My default user system is Community Builder. I have the forum user profiles, avatars set to CB, and all that is working fine.


But when I go into the forum's "My Stuff | My Profle Summary" or  "My Stuff | My Reputation" dropdown, the profile page includes a Large LINK which then opens the CJforum user profile editor ( see attachment).


How can I get rid of this link??

I've tried making a template override for com_CJforum "Profile" and "Profile Form" but I cannot find the code that inserts that link anywhere obvious... is it hiding in plain view?



17131_1_MyStuff.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
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  • Re: [SOLVED] Where is this code hiding?

    by » 12 months ago

    Ah, I found it in /html/layouts/com_cjforum/default/profile/profile_details.php

    ( Line 40)

    ...probably that link should be hidden if the user profile type isn't CJforum ... 


    Also, I had to get rid of the panel with the data  About test user: No information provided.

    Thank you said by: maverick

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