A few issues I'm running into

Category: CjForum 9 months ago

Hi, I've been setting up my forum for some time and am getting close, but having some issues that I need help with. 

The first is that I have a Recent Activities menu item setup assuming that this would render a nice summary of recent conversations and topics but all it says is "no recent activities" even though there are recent new topics. Why doesn't this page display anything? 

My forum hom page is setup at a URL that is /reinforcements but when someone clicks on "Start a Topic" in the menu bar, it says that it's going to go to /reinforcements?task=topic.add but then it redirects to /component/cjforum/form?layout=edit&Itemid[0]=250&return=... which ends up using the default "public" template rather than the template I've specifically built for the members only forum and assigned to the appropriate menu items. Any idea why it doesn't stick with the right menu item URL?

Lastly, I also have different user groups with different permissions setup. While testing a user with lower permissions, when I click on "My Stuff > My Profile Summary" from the nav bar, it goes to a 404 "No User Profile Found" error page. I looked through the permissions settings and couldn't see anything that might be contributing to this. Any idea why that would happen? 

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