hello maverick,

i'm trying to translate the strings related to lanugages, like "2 days ago".

at first all the questions were set to the "all" language but i needed the strings in hebrew.

i translated the file "administrator/language/en-GB/.en-GB.com_cjlib.sys.ini" and changed all the strings to hebrew - and it worked.

then i cahnged the quesitons's language to Hebrew and the word "ago" changed to the original string in the front-end - please see attached file. so i create a copy of the .ini file, changed the prefix to hebrew (he-IL), and uploaded it to "administrator/language/he-IL". but nothing changed.

the starnge thins is i have another website with the same set-up, and there it works. i compared the files from both sites and they are identical.

do you have any idea what might cause this error and how can i fix it?

thank you

17429_1_ago.PNG (You do not have access to download this file.)

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