I run a non profit organization that has different associations on it, each of these, need to run their own polls only for their members.

Right now, we use loomio for this, but I would like to facilitate workflow for members (as some are not too computer savvy) and offer an integrated solution.

Community polls is bes toption available, but lacks in this aspect, you can do a secret poll, but that's complicate to mantain for every votation and easy to lose.

You can make a category with acl availabe just to usergrup, but the poll is still available for anyone if they know the url (not sure if it would appear in related)

Best approach (in my case as we use jomsocial to handle gorups) would be to integrate with jomsocial groups, as kunena already does making subforums with acl just for the parent jomsocial group, but using joomla usergruops is fine too, but not having to modify each poll configuration, if I make a category for a "private" usergroup, polls inside of it should be too...

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