I just upgraded to the new cjlib, and it has now caused my initial page load to hang for exactly 21 sec. (21.02 to be exact) when Community polls is enabled. This just began after todays CJLib update.

When I inspect the network on page load the culprit is: https://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jquery.validate/1.13.1/jquery.validate.min.js 

I am on a secure corporate Intranet behind a firewall and this link is blocked. Ultimately the link times out (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT) causing the page to hang way too long on page load. 

Disabling the Poll module from my home page temporarily removes this jquery script call, and the problem no longer exists. Could you possibly repackage the update with that .js file included in the update? Or a workaround? If you can tell me which page that call is on, i can change the path to a local copy of it or to Googles hosted js.

Please advise, Thank you.


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