I keep receiving this error when trying to save and cannot figure out what is wrong. Please help trying to get this published today.


  • An error occurred while processing your request. Error Code: 105106-ADM| Unknown column 'category' in 'field list' SQL=insert into pt6o0_jcp_polls( title, alias, description, end_message, created, created_by, category, published, close_date, results_up, private, secret, answers_order, ip_address, type, featured, anywhere, anonymous, modify_answers, custom_answer, chart_type, pallete, sort_order ) values ('2015-2016 Cyber Safety PSA Scholarship','2015-2016-cyber-safety-psa-scholarship','','','2016-04-19 16:35',44,4,1,'2016-05-15 23:59:11','-0001-11-30 00:00:00',0,'J6Y7Sb42QecwY8ym','order','','radio',1,1,1,0,2,'sbar','default',0)


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