Hello Maverick,

i could'nt find any related thread in the forum so i'm posting a new one.

i'm successfully using CP on one of my sites, and with the growin number of polls we're building a new arew on the site which we be dedicated to CP.

i'm using Joomla overrides (the usual method) to override all the layouts in the folder '/httpdocs/components/com_communitypolls/views'.

but - some of those files 'pull' from 2 common files - polls_list.php & category_list.php - to create the acutal lists of polls / categories, for example in Category Menu Item.

these 2 fiels are in the folder '/httpdocs/components/com_communitypolls/layouts/default' (or /bootsrap), which is not in the normal overrdie method we are familiar with. can you please point me in how to override these fiels, if that is possible?

thank you very much


online projects & marketing manager. Israel.

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