hi maverick,

i have a wierd problem with tha languaghe configurations on CP.

my site is in hebrew & english but the polls are used only on the hebrew sections - all the menu items, polls, etc, are defined as HEBREW language.

but - when i set a category as Hebrew, it doesn't load in the category-choosing-dropdown, when creating or editing a poll.

when i set the category languagh back as ALL, it re-apears in the dropdown.

the polls themselves are set as Hebrew.

not sure if it's related - but i also have a small language problem in k2 - when i try to choose the Item's author in the back-end (on the item creation page), i can't do a search with Hebrew charachtars - only english. so maybe there is some site-width error that is messing up the Hebrew? not sure but thought it was worth mentioning.

can you please assit with this problem?


yorai ronen

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online projects & marketing manager. Israel.

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