hello maverick,

i'm looking into the best way to create good SEF urls for all my polls. i'm using sh404SEF but as for CP it's disabled, meaning CP use the default Joomla Router.

i followed the practices you describe in the documentation (of other components) and created menu items for all poll categories. the menu items structure is the same as the categories structure in CP.

now the urls of the categories looks great, something like: domain.com/top-category/sub-category

but polls urls look like this: domain.com/45-poll-alias (containing the poll ID and alias).

what i want is each poll url to follow it's category's url - so an example poll url would be: domain.com/top-category/sub-category/45-poll-alias

the polls non-sef urls have the correct menu ID (the ID of the menu item displaying the poll's category), but the url itself does not inherit the category's or menu item's alias.

is there any way of achieving this other then manully changin each poll url in sh404SEF?

thank you


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