Hello Maverick,

If i vote for an existing point, it shows me the correct results immediately. BUT if i am adding a custom value, it shows me the results without the custom value at all. Only after going again to the polls result, it shows the correct results including the new custom value with one vote.

Thank you and best regards

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  • Re: no result for custom value

    by » 3 weeks ago

    Yes, this is the known issue. Custom answers gets added dynamically and the poll will be constructed before the custom answers are recorded. It needs a small design change. I will fix this in the next release.

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  • Re: no result for custom value

    by » 3 weeks ago

    Hello Maverick, thank you for this answer, i am looking forward to next release 😃

    Best regards

  • Re: no result for custom value

    by » 4 days ago

    Hello Maverick,

    there is just one additional little result issue to that with not showing custom value immediately:

    If i am allowed to edit my votes, it shows me following message: "You have already voted, your values are: "value1,value2…"

    The Problem is, that it shows the values from poll before and not from this just finished poll, so it is confusig, to have for example voted now for 1 and 2, but it shows me the values from voting before that like 3 and 4.

    Thank you for your help and best regards

    Thank you said by: maverick

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