I checked your demo after your advice regarding social sharing and was happy to try your component. However, I've had a lot of problems with it since installing..

I'm running on localhost machine WAMPServer 3.1.4

apache: 2.4.35

PHP: 7.2.10

MySQL: 5.7.23


I've installed a fresh Joomla instance (3.9.1) and then proceeded to install your component.

1st I installed the pkg_cjlib_v2.8.5.zip file followed by pkg_communitypolls_v5.0.1.zip .

2nd I changed the Home menu item to Community Polls >> Polls List

3rd I created a second menu item Community Polls >> Create Poll

4th I create a category in the backend communty poll component.


While using the super user I am getting a call to function error on the frontend home page (see below image 1) and when trying to create a poll via the frontend page I am getting an error:×


Invalid poll type. Please select poll type and try again.


(see image 2) regardless of which poll type option is selected. I am inputing answers but the fields are emptied when i submit and get the warning.


Please advise. Thanks in advance.



Image 1


Image 2


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