hello maverick,

Community Quiz come with a "leading users" module - but that module is not good for websites where the user want to stay anonymous.

we use CQ to help students prepare for exams, and since we want to keep theyre privacy, we can't show such a module.

but - our users will benefit  a lot from anonymous statistics about each quiz.

for example, i would like the quiz-page layout to show this information:

- avarage score: XXXX

- maximum score: XXX

- cut-off score: XXX

- % of responders who passed the cut-off: XXX


this way the student will have something he/she can compare to, which is very important for the study experience.

some of this information"cut-off" and "maximum score" already exist, since they are shown in the "Score box" - but there is no option to insert them in the quiz intro / description.

the "avarage score" and "% of responders who passed" do not exist now, but i think they will add alot to the user experience and the site's bounce-rate and other KPIs.

it would also be great if we could show these information in the "Score box" as well (especially "avarage score" & "% of...").

hope you'll consider adding these option in one of your future releases.

thank you


hb5a22ab.doc (You do not have access to download this file.)

online projects & marketing manager. Israel.

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