Hello Maverick,

on our quiz-based website, the pages which show lists of quizzes are the most viewed pages. i want to ask for 2 more options to control the layout of these pages (quiz-list pages & quiz-category pages).

1: choose the number of quizzes in the list.

it would be great if CQ will have a global option for setting the maximum number of quizzes in a quizzes list, similar to the options controling the layout of a classic Category Blog (from the joomla's core content component). an option for "endless scrolling" using a "load more" button would also be incredible.
also, if it would be possible to override this global setting, per category (in the category options) or per menu item (in the menu item options).

2: Custom module positions inside the quiz list.

in CjForum you have a this custom module position: topics-view-after-topic-X (replacing the X with the topic number in the list).
can you please provide a similar module position in CQ?

combining this feature with the "endless scrolling" from my 1st suggestion, would enable us to create amazing UX using only the quiz-list.


hope you will consider adding my suggestions in future releases,

thank you very much,


online projects & marketing manager. Israel.

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