Hello Maverick,

i want to ask for a feature addition in on of the next versions of CQ: show the number of marks recieved for each question.

example: let's say we have a question of the "matching" type with 5 matches to set - each one is worth 5 marks and the question in total is worth 25 marks.

if the user is correct about 3 of the 5 & wrong about 2 of them, he will see a "wrong answer" indicator - but will still get 15 marks of that question. the report will show which of the matchings was right and which was wrong - but the bottom line of that questions will still show "wrong" (we set it to show as "your answer was wrong or incomplete", so that it better reflect the actual situation).

it would be very helpful if in addition we can show the user the number of marks he did recieve for this question.

so under the the "wrong" indicator there would be a line like this: "you got 15 marks." or "you got 15 marks out of 25 possible for this question."

this way the users will be able to understand their total score better.

thank you very much

online projects & marketing manager. Israel.

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