My current setup:

1. I have 10 tests.

2. All tests are included within a single category

3. Each test has 10 questions.

4. Each test has 10 pages.

5. Each question appears on a single page.


New setup

I am planning a new series of quizzes

1. There are 4 categories

2. Category 1 has a single test with 10 questions

3. Categories 2, 3 and 4 each have 3 tests, with 10 questions on each test (30 questions for each of the 3 categories)

4. Each question appears on a single page

5. All questions that appear in the current setup will also be used in the new setup, but rearranged into different categories and respective tests


My question:

Is it possible to copy a question from the current setup, and into the desired location of the new setup? I would like to avoid reentering all of the questions, if at all possible

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