hello maverick,

i'm trying to make some changes in the layout of "My Response", as well in the Results layout shown after quiz submissions.

but i can't figure out how the file structure is set up.

1 - i added some text above the score box in the "my response" layout - by editing the file: /httpdocs/templates/my_template/html/layouts/com_communityquiz/default/reports

that works for the "my response" page - but i want the same text on the results page of the quizzes - and i can't figure out which file to edit.


2 - i want to add the "actions" layout file in the "my response" layout, similar to the results page of a quiz.

but - since i can't finde the file the is creating the results, i'm not sure how to call the actions file on "my response".


hope i made myself clear, if not please response and i will explain.


can you please direct me to the filles i'm looking for?


thank you very much


online projects & marketing manager. Israel.

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