Hello maverick.

1. I have problem with .pdf certificates and .pdf quiz responses - ? characters appear in places of polish diacritics (b.e. ążśźćńół). No matter character comes from certificate html or fields from database b.e. user name or quiz question.

I checked that these characters are well-written in the database. Changing/deleting fonts in the certificate editor does not help.

2. Date format of issuing the certificate is probably hard-coded in model. (?)

$html = \Joomla\String\StringHelper::str_ireplace('{DATE}', CjLibDateUtils::getLocalizedDate($quiz->created, 'F j, Y, g:i a'), $html);

3. Deleting completed (passed) quiz result, does not allow you to fill it again. You have to remove it from the basket.

But the same feature in community surveys work different - deleting survey answer is enough to allow complete it again.

Beside, quizzes responses list should be reviewed, because it does not work like other lists - search tools are hidden even if set to filter.

Best regards,

Brand New


Joomla! 3.8.5

CQ 4.6.5


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