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Category: Community Quiz 3 years ago

I am testing out Community Quiz and added 1 quiz so far. After adding the quiz I tested it out and everything seems fine, except when I completed the quiz, the quiz does not give out points via EasySocial. I have done as you suggested in your forums, where I go to the integration page and made sure that EasySocial was selected for the points system. I have tried on 2 of my accounts, my super admin account, and my registered regular user account and no points were awarded to each account.  Not sure what I am doing wrong, and if you could help that would be awesome. All I am looking to do is when you complete the quiz you get 10 points. If you fail you loose 5 points. No matter what I set it to in the options of the quiz, I get the same result of no points were awarded.

If you need I sent you the info to log in earlier. I have re-enabled that account so you can log in if you need to, to fix it.


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