Browser title (text found on the browser page tab) is not behaving consistently with Joomla settings for Joomla 2.5.17. I haven't tried with Joomla 3.2.

When following configuration is set to...
Site > Global Configuration > Site Settings > SEO Settings > Include Site Name in Page Titles > After
Any Core Joomla menu item > Page Display Options > Browser Page Title > My Custom Title Text

... the page browser title should be My Custom Title Text - site name, not Latest Quotes - My Custom Title Text. Note that the site name is skipped over.

If custom browser page title text isn't set, the browser page title is showing as Latest Quotes - site name instead of Custom Link Title - site name. In both cases the "Latest Quotes" is forced to the beginning of the browser page title which shouldn't happen. Could you please make that change in the code for next release for Quotes, Quiz and Polls components.

If you provide me a link to the tracker (I can't find it), i will also submit this separately as an issue. Thank you.
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  • Re: [SOLVED] Browser title not following Joomla config

    by » 6 years ago

    I can see either "Latest Quotes - Site Name" or "Latest Quotes - Custom Page Title" but not the other way "Custom Title - Site Name"

    I have checked this in both J2.5 and J3.

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  • Re: [SOLVED] Browser title not following Joomla config

    by » 6 years ago

    I just checked again. At first glance I concluded that the Community Quotes are still having issues but the quiz and polls suddenly look correct which doesn't make sense since I didn't make any changes to fix this. So I went back to see if I can figure out what happened and why.

    When creating a menu item, if content is entered into "Browser Page Title" field, then the browser title will be displayed as "preconfigured language string" + "browser page title content". The site name is completely skipped. This doesn't follow Joomla's default behavior where link title will be used first or browser page title contents unless it's empty. Site name will be tacked onto either of those based on site's global configuration settings. So this is still an issue. I deleted all custom browser page title field content so I am good with that.

    I have been working on translating the component language so I noticed that the first part of the page title comes from the language file which shouldn't be the case. This content shouldn't be tied to the language file but to the menu item configuration. Administrator should be able to have descriptive and editable browser title options as needed, even if several identical menu links are created, each with a different title but all essentially leading to the same page. For each of those, browser title could be made same or different. With Core Joomla components now, the first part of the browser title would always be static and based on the language file.

    I have this set exactly as I need it at the moment so it is no longer pressing. Perhaps you could look into making these tweaks in some of the future component releases. Idea is to make sure these exactly follow standard Joomla behavior.

    As always, thank you!

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