Things have been working well, however a bit of help is needed working with responses, so here's some suggestions.

1/ When I read a response in the backend list of "responses", once I cancel to leave it, I don't go back to the responses list, instead it goes back to the surveys menu item page.

2/ When I have a survey open in the backend surveys menu list, I'm lost because the open survey has no heading information, like at least the ID number, if not some of the non-anonymous info, if set.

3/ From the responses list menu page, it would be extremely helpful if there was some way of adding a comment in/to a line. Once we've had a response open and done some work with it, when we come back later it's very hard to locate the one we want in the list again. Having an added user defined entry box would mean we could at least add the name of the person we are working with.

Thank you

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