Hi Maverick,

I created a group in Joomla backend and went to give the group Permissions in a particular survey to allow the group to see Results. It does work, people in the group is able to see the report view but when they click on Download Report,they're redirected to 403 Error Forbidden.

So, I checked the view.csv.php and on line #25, it explicitely checks for if the user logged in is the author and has admin permission to the survey item. But when I check the access.xml file the survey section does not have core.admin access, the core.admin is under component section.

if($this->item->created_by != $user->id && !$user->authorise('core.admin', 'com_communitysurveys.survey.'.$this->item->id))
throw new Exception(JText::_('JERROR_ALERTNOAUTHOR'), 403);

Maybe if the person logged in is allowed to view results, they should be able to download the results as well, right? The user doesn't need to be the author to download the result.

Side note: the Export Survey link doesn't show anything, I believe it should show XML format of the survey.



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