I installed Community Surveys Pro and started wirth a survey on the frontend.

Everything worked fine until I wanted to add questions - the site is just empty.


It's also strange that everything is transpated in German except the "Edit Questions"-link.

I added the questions in the backend - no problem - and try to hit the "Edit Questions" link on the frontend. Same empty result as before.

What's wrong?


Question 2:

I have 20 possible answers but I want the user just to select exactely 4 (not more, not less), can I do this?


Question 3:

Out of the 4 answers the user selected before, I would like to put them in the next question in a ranking system. Can I do this?


Example: What are your 5 favoured colours?



You selected these 4 colours. put them in a rank:

purple (top position = 5 points)
green (2nd position = 4 points)
orange (3rd position = also 4 points)
white (4th position = 2 points)


Thank you



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