Bugs in Responses menu

Category: Community Surveys 4 weeks ago

Thank you for adding the suggestions in the responses menu list.

There are a few things that aren't quite behaving right:

1/ When the menu item for responses is first chosen, the old format list appears.

2. When an individual response is chosen and opened, then closed, the new format list of responses appears, showing the completed indicator and the ability for comments.

3. If I advance to page 2 of the list using the page count at the bottom, and then click back to page 1, still using the featurew at the bottom, my resulting page is no longer the real page 1, it starts with an early entry then results from about halfway through the file.

Trust this explains what's needed.

Thank you, John


J 3.9.2

Php 7.125

Surveys 5.0.8

CjLib package 2.8.5

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  • Re: Bugs in Responses menu

    by » 4 weeks ago

    1/2 - When you open a response, it will be moved to the respective survey reports page. So going back will show the reports page of that survey. Hence you see that listing. This is because the opened page does not know which page it has to redirect to. so it will by default shows the reports page of its survey.

    3  - I am sorry but I could not understand this. can you share some screenshots?

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