Wrong Report on Rankings

Category: Community Surveys one year ago


I want to use rankings in a Survey. The user has to bring alternatives into his prefered order. 
But when I look into the report of a ranking with multiple alternatives one answer is doubled and one is missing or its one row more than alternatives. And I cannot find any information on how the rank is calculated or how the weights have influences on this.

You can see this effect in the report of the showcase survey in the demo on this side. There are three alternatives Joomla, Durpal and Wordpress, but the report has four rows. The ranking was my primar reason to subscribe for this component and it seems unusable now.  


Now I downloaded the csv file to look how the results are when using excel. When I look to the responses for a ranking question the ist the answer notet like:

{Answer, XXX, Rank}

XXX, YYY, ZZZ are the names of alternatives I used in a different survey! A survey I already trashed!
Seems something is really broken here!



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