When trying to create the consolidated PDF report, there are some fonts (mainly the keys for the charts) that are white text and mostly o white background. This is mainly happening in the chart area.This makes the report not able to be used.

Also, that chart seems to have a solid white background and is positioned over top of some of the other text on the page.

And, one question seems to be getting truncated (top of page 3).

Is there a way to force all the text to print black text?

Is there a way to manually adjust the PDF layout (with template overrides, manipulating code, etc)

Is there a new PDF library that needs to be updated to make PDFs work properly?

Attached is a copy of the report showing the problems.


We're running ...

Community Surveys: 5.1.6

Joomla: 3.9.8

PHP: 7.1.30

Browser: Mozilla Firefox Developer 69

17115_1_TroopSurveyResponses-Overall-midnight-cutoff-REDACTED.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)
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