Hi ;

i had created my own special fields and user can select from question and the result of this special field is also capturing data from survey

The only problem i am facing now is it is now showing up in consolidated report view and also it is not being exported in the CSV export result

Can please point to me which part of the creation process i had miss out to populate

Thank you in advance

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  • Re: Special Fields Not Showing In Report and CSV

    by » one year ago

    In your consolidated report question layout file (layouts/LAYOUT/reports/consolidated/), add a var_dump and see what data getting populated. This way you can understand what you missed.


    CSV report is generated from getCsvData function in administrator/components/com_communitysurveys/models/reports.php 

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    Thank you said by: teojerah

  • Re: Special Fields Not Showing In Report and CSV

    by » one year ago

    For the display part in consolidated and individual response ; need to add the additional special field to the following files

    LAYOUTNAME/reports/consolidated (consolidated.php > add CS_SPECIAL_DEPT => 'dept',)

    LAYOUTNAME/results folders (question.php ,add CS_SPECIAL_SAPNO => 'sapno',)

    For the csv export ;

    inside the administrator/components/com_communitysurveys/models/reports.php 

    In the getCsvData function ;

    need to add the following ;

      $headers[] = JText::_('COM_COMMUNITYSURVEYS_CSV_HEADER_DEPT');

       $responseArray[] = $response->sapno;
       $responseArray[] = $response->dept;


        case CS_SPECIAL_DEPT: // Special - Name
        case CS_SPECIAL_SAPNO: // Special - Name


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